How does Smartpay work?

Smartpay allows retailers to offer instalment plans for shoppers, so you can pay for your purchase in 3 instalments, in less than 2 months, with the first one at the time of the purchase.

Simply shop with one of your favorite stores offering Smartpay and select Smartpay as your payment method at checkout. First-time Smartpay shoppers will provide details to create their new Smartpay account, while returning shoppers will be able to just confirm their purchase—possibly after logging in first.

After you check out, the goods will be shipped to you by the Smartpay merchant partner. Smartpay will automatically take the payments from the credit card or bank account you provided according to the payment schedule shown at the time of checkout.

Example of payment schedule:

Example A)
Purchased on :10th April
1st installment:10th April ~(depends on the shop, first installment schedule may delay)
2nd installment:10th May
3rd installment:9th June

Example B)
Purchased on :1st April
1st installment:1st April ~(depends on the shop, first installment schedule may delay)
2nd installment:1st May
3rd installment:31 May

Please note that Smartpay does not approve 100% of orders. At all time Smartpay supports both safe and responsible spending.

When determining which orders get approved, Smartpay considers a number of different factors. These include, yet are not limited to:

  • are there sufficient funds on your card

  • the length of time since you started using Smartpay

  • the open balance you have to repay (completing some payments earlier might help here, yet this is not a guarantee)

  • the value of the order you are trying to place

  • the type of products you are trying to purchase in the order

  • the number of orders that are currently not fully repaid

  • the number of orders you have repaid on time and in full with Smartpay

  • your Smartpay payment and purchase history, with factors such as

    • your statistics on late and on-time payments

    • payment declines on your past Smartpay instalment payments

    • declines on orders due to insufficient funds on the registered payment methods

While it can be frustrating to not know exactly how much you can spend each time, or how many active orders you can have, the rules and approval processes help Smartpay to safely and responsibly offer a completely free service to you and other shoppers.