How often can I use Smartpay?

Smartpay promotes responsible spending. Not doing so is opposed to our mission of increasing financial well-being, and bad for all parties involved: you, our merchant partners, and Smartpay. As the mutual relationship grows, Smartpay can better tailor your limits—in amount and frequency—to your needs and wishes, taking into account the factors described in "How does Smartpay work?"

At the start, Smartpay will likely limit your use. As Smartpay learns more about you, these limits will evolve. If you attempt to complete multiple orders from the start, it will likely be reviewed as bad behaviour, and as a result, Smartpay might decline your orders.

By being initially cautious, Smartpay can make sure that you are a good citizen of its community. As you build up a good track record of responsible spending and making payments on time and in full, your spending limits—in amount and frequency—will increase.