Q1. What made you to adopt Smartpay?

A. To improve customer experience, we considered it essential to support multiple payment options. We already introduced the support of credit card, convenience store payment, and mobile carrier payment, however, we hadn't yet introduced BNPL payment.

Q2. How has the integration of Smartpay worked out for you?

A. After rolling out Smartpay, we ran a campaign to increase awareness of it among our customers. Before the campaign, the number of purchasers using Smartpay was low because it was an unknown payment method to most of them. However, as awareness increased, the usage also increased gradually.

Q3. Was the integration of Smartpay easy?

A. For companies that built their ecommerce on top of Shopify, integrating Smartpay is very easy. Even non-developers can set it up. We think the fee is also very reasonable, which we feel is another benefit of using Smartpay.

Q4. Could you share tips to other companies that have just integrated Smartpay or are considering using it?

A. As mentioned earlier, it's important to increase awareness of Smartpay as a payment option for our customers. We also believe that another major factor of success was to remove any anxiety of customers by using a visual tutorial discussing the payment process.

Q5. Any last words?

A. It has been a while since we rolled out Smartpay. The customer success team has been very supportive, and we have never had any concerns about the product. We can also see the Smartpay user interface is being improved on a regular basis. We believe it will be even more convenient for customers to use in the future. Thank you Smartpay team!

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General Manager, Business Support Dept. | Takehiko Sasaki