How do I process a refund?

Smartpay will direct all enquiries from customers, regarding return of goods, to you, the merchant they purchased with. For security reasons, Smartpay is unable to issue a refund to a customer on behalf of a merchant.

Smartpay will only process refunds following instructions made by you, our merchant partner. You can issue a refund request via the Merchant Dashboard or through a refund API call.

  • Smartpay will determine how to apply the refund to the customer's order and adjust the customer's payment schedule accordingly to reflect the refund issued.

  • Smartpay will process amounts back to the customer’s card in the instances where the customer has made payments to Smartpay already.

  • An email will be sent from Smartpay to the customer to confirm their refund has been processed.

  • Any refunds will be accounted for in your next settlement. Refund amounts will be clearly identified as such in the detailed settlement report.

  • Smartpay merchant fees are non-refundable in the event of a refund.

  • Once a refund has been issued, Smartpay is not able to reverse or change this action.

❗Refunds on amounts paid by shoppers through Smartpay should always be processed through Smartpay. Please do not issue refunds through cash, bank transfers or other payment methods as it can lead to double refunds.

Issue a refund through Merchant Dashboard

  1. Log in to the Merchant Dashboard

  2. Click on the Order that you wish to apply a Refund to

  3. View Order details and press the Refund button

  4. Enter the amount you wish to refund and an optional description

  5. Press the Refund button

  6. Smartpay will process the refund to the customer's order.

  7. The refund will be accounted for in the Settlement at the next settlement date.