Q1. What made you to adopt Smartpay?

A. Because artwork is generally expensive, our customers were suggesting that we support installment payments. However, we weren't able to find any installment payment products that matched the customer experience we wanted to deliver. Furthermore, most installment payment solutions require a fee and a lot of time and effort to onboard. That's when we came across Smartpay.

Q2. Was the integration of Smartpay easy?

A. Smartpay offers necessary tools and documentations for developers. Our engineering team thought it was effortless to integrate Smartpay. The user interface and the user experience Smartpay offers is simple and easy for shoppers to understand. Shoppers clearly see the benefits of installment payments and are movtived to use it.

Q3. What was the response after the Smartpay integration?

A. Smartpay helped us archive 10x YoY growth in April. We also ran a campaign promoting Smartpay which resulted increased usage of Smartpay. In addition, we have repeat customers using Smartpay again and again, growing revenue.

Q4. Smartpay was just launched at that time, and there were few case studies. Didn't you have any hesitance to use it?

A. As a startup ourselves, we are not afraid of using new products. We are working daily on our business with the mindset that "if there are no examples, we should go out and create them."

Q5. Could you share tips to other companies that have just integrated Smartpay or are considering using it?

A. For ecommerce companies with the price range 10,000 yen to 10s of thousands of yen, the liklihood Smartpay increases conversion rates and sales is very high. We think the key success factor is to promote installment payments and increase awarness of this financing option." Separately, Smartpay can also be used to bring back cart abandonments as well.

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Representative Director | Iguchi Tai