How easy it is to integrate?

Integration with Smartpay is straightforward and seamless. Smartpay provides modern APIs and SDKs in multiple programming languages. There is also an integration guide with working code samples which you can copy or download to kickstart your integration.

Using an eCommerce platform? Check out the list of supported platforms.

Getting started with direct integration

  1. Get test credentials Take a look at the settings > credentials page on your dashboard to find your test credentials.

  2. Get acquainted with the payment flow, and follow our integration guide or use one of our supported platforms.

  3. Test the system Make sure everything works. Remember you can place a test order using test credentials.

  4. It's time to go live Check on your dashboard if your account is activated (if not please contact support and let us know you are ready to go live). Once your account is activated you can see live credentials at the settings > credentials page on your dashboard. Please follow our go live checklist to ensure a smooth transition when taking your integration live.